Querying your API (client)

Type generation

By default fuse will use gql.tada (opens in a new tab) to type your GraphQL documents.

Folks who have been with fuse longer might still be on the GraphQL Code Generator default, we still support this! We'll check whether tadaOutputLocation is set in the tsconfig and whether you have gql.tada intalled. If not, we'll fall back to the GraphQL Code Generator.

The biggest difference between the two in terms of writing code is that fragments in gql.tada aren't global which means you'll have to explicitly add them in the second argument of the graphql function.

const UserQuery = graphql(`
  query User {
    user(id: "1") {
`, [UserFragment]) // needed in tada but not codegen.

The other difference is that gql.tada will calculate everything at runtime while with codegen there will always be a background process running to calculate the types.

Migrating to gql.tada

To migrate to gql.tada we'll need to ensure that the LSP is working correctly and is upgraded to v1, when that is working we can install gql.tada and add tadaOutputLocation: '{src}/fuse/introspection.ts' to the graphqlsp config in the tsconfig file.

After that you can delete the fragment-masking, gql and graphql typescript files which are present in the fuse folder.

Opting out of gql.tada

You can opt out of gql.tada by uninstalling the package and removing tadaOutputLocation from the tsconfig.